Winners are Grinners


Winners are Grinners

We are proud to announce Pier01 was recognised at the Tasmanian Hospitality Association Awards for Excellence, acknowledged as a finalist in six separate categories and ultimately winning three of these prestigious awards. We are now off to the Australian Hospitality Association Awards for Excellence, vying for the Best Environmental and Energy Efficiency Practice title!


~ Best Café

~ Best Breakfast Venue

~ Best Environmental and Energy Efficiency Practice


~ Best Stand Alone Restaurant

~ Best Meeting and Events Venue

~ Best Restaurant

A great achievement by the crew on the wharf!


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Our special picks for you

Spreyton Apple Cider

This cider is wonderfully refreshing made with a blend of handpicked local Golden Delicious and Jonagold apples. Enjoy over ice and savour the flavour of pure Tassie apples.


666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka

Everything about this vodka is Tasmanian – the process, the ingredients and the makers. Utilising the pristine rain waters from Cape Grim and barley harvested from Tasmanian soil, the result is velvety smooth, yet distinctly clean tasting pure Tasmanian vodka.


Hellyers Road Single Malt Peated Whisky

A smoky aroma with typical hints of citrus, lemon and orange. The citrus sweetness has overtones of malt and a lingering aftertaste with layers of smoke and pepper omnipresent. The perfect accompaniment to a cold winter’s day, true scotch lovers will be in awe of this delightful Tasmanian crafted drop.


Moo Brew Belgo

A light Belgian pale ale blended with an American pale ale hopping regime resulting in a seamless blend of aroma and flavour. Let the dry tart finish cut through the Forth lamb or rich Tasmanian cheeses.


Strait Tasmanian Hazelnut Gin

Matching the botanicals and organic Tasmanian citrus infusion from the Strait Dry Gin with roasted hazelnuts from the Tamar Valley, this distinctive naturally-flavoured gin will tantalise your tastebuds. Serve over ice or with your favourite mixer.


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Its Here

Its Here

Pier01 new Website is here, after a much needed revamp. If there is anything you would like to know that is not here please contact us.

Mothers day is here and what another crazy day it has been with hundreds of mothers and the Pier01 team working like a well drilled team. Big Thank you to all the mothers for spending this special day with us and also the Pier01 team for giving up parts of their Mothers day to make it such a great day for so many others.